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International Conference on Global Practices in Business Management and Social Sciences (GBES-May-2020)
16 May 2020 Hungary

International Conference on Digital Approaches and their Impact on Business, Social Sciences & Humanities (DIBS-MARCH-2020)
19 March 2020 Italy

International Conference on Diversity Research in Environment and Social Science Paradigms of Research (DESR-Feb-2020)
08 February 2020 France

International Scientific Conference on Global Challenges of Social Sciences, Humanities and Management Practices in Business (SHMP-JAN-2020)
22 January 2020 Italy

International Conference on Quality Developments in Business, Management, Social Sciences & Humanities (QDBM-JAN-2020)
11 January 2020 France

International Conference on Sustainable Economic Development, Humanities, Management and Social Sciences (SHMS-Dec-2019)
21 December 2019 Hungary

International Conference on Academic Research and Implications in Human Capital & Business Management (ARBM-DEC-2019)
14 December 2019 France

Sacred Journeys 7th Global Conference
29 July 2020 Slovenia

INSEARCH 2019: 6th International Integrative Research Conference on Governance in Society, Business and Environment
18 December 2019 Bangladesh

5th International Symposium on Religious Studies and Global Peace
06 November 2019 Turkey

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