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Surviving the Anthropocene: Towards elemental literacy and inter-disciplinary partnerships
11 May 2020 Iceland

Migration, Diasporas and Sustainable Development Perspectives, Policies, Opportunities and Challenges
14 November 2020 India

Tenth International Conference on The Constructed Environment - University of California Berkeley, Clark Kerr Campus
13 May 2020 United States of America

MBAcademy International Business Conference
13 December 2019 United Kingdom

6th International Conference on Poverty and Sustainable Development (ICPSD 2019)
05 December 2019 Sri Lanka

Innovations in Information Technology and Business Management for Sustainability (ICMIT 2019)
29 November 2019 India

National Conference on Education, Communication and Society
02 November 2019 India

FSSER International Conference on Social Issues, Decision Making, Innovation and Invention, Business Economics & Management (SIIM)
27 December 2019 Malaysia

FSSER International Conference on Data Management, Human Capital, Business Development, Economics & Social Sciences (DMDS)
28 November 2019 Malaysia

FSSER International Conference on Accounting & Finance, Human Capital, Business Economics & Management (AFCM)
28 October 2019 Malaysia

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