A simple quiz to understand and avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism can be tricky to understand for some new students. Here is a simple quiz to understand it better.

Try to answer some questions (Yes or No)

  • I am copying my own previously written “original” work “without” referencing it. Will it be considered as Plagiarism?

  • You borrow an essay written by another student and then submit it as your own work. Is this plagiarism?

  • You are using someone’s quotes or copying exact paragraph without giving quotation marks. Are you plagiarizing?

Which of the following statements is TRUE?

  • Some direct quotations do not require citations.
  • If you paraphrase information from a source you do not need a citation.
  • Patchwriting is not considered a form of plagiarism.

  • Answers and more questions can be downloaded from the original source.
    Original source: Plagiarism quiz with answers and pdf

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