darel aranovski posted 2 years ago
Please help me find a modern Eighth Grade Literary Work for homework.
Many modern schoolchildren are unlikely to name reading as one of their favourite activities. Can you make your literature lesson fun? It can be viewed as a set of facts and phenomena occurring in a certain era, as a multifaceted world living according to its own laws, where a certain sign is attached to every word, thought, gesture.
Once the most reading country today is faced with a serious problem: modern children are not drawn to books, do not like to read, do not perceive communication with fiction as a vital necessity. Parents and teachers are increasingly complaining about this. What can be done to make the book a good friend, helper, advisor for every child? To introduce him to the book, thereby helping him become successful in life, we, teachers of literature in our lessons.

What should be a modern literature lesson?
I want to find New Books that kids will like.

Daniel Bonzo posted 2 years ago
Hi Darel!
In fact, creating a fun process is not as difficult as it seems. You need to understand what "language" your students speak. I have been teaching literature for twelve years. You can give tasks in a fun way according to the "clich├ęs" of books.
For example, I recently challenged them with the following challenge: I asked them to write an essay using eduzaurus to have more time to search for information of interest about cyberbullying in school.
1. They used some website and online assistants for regular writing work;
2. They understood a modern topic, and themselves were engaged in collecting information of interest to them.
Here's a recipe for a lesson in modern literature.
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