Conger88 posted 2 years ago
Research Paper style versus referencing
I am a student who is back studying after some time. I have a probably trivial question but if my lecturer asks me to use Harvard referencing can I still use harvard refering with the IEEE conference template or must I use IEEE referencing with the IEEE conference style paper only. (The double barrel style papers)
Is this a major no no in academia?
Currently I have the paper nicely formatted using IEEE sytle format but with harvard referencing.
Any help would be great

darel aranovski posted 2 years ago
Be very careful with your references in your scientific work. After all, this is an essential part of your scientific work. You should consider all the halt formation of quotes and links. Better not to risk it and contact Eduzaurus an essay writing service. There, to understand the citation of the text one hundred per cent - right.
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