researcherbook posted 3 years ago
How do I find ideas and publish a paper on my own?
Firstly, what are you ashamed of? We're all trying to find our way.

Find related conferences and read their proceedings.

A great starting point for research is building off of previous work. So find a conference or two you would want to submit to and read through proceedings and look for the subjects that seem interesting/relevant to you. I'd skim titles and abstracts for lots of papers (to identify trends). If something piques your interest, read more of the paper. A few things to keep in mind for papers that stand out to you:

Note where the research was done and by whom. This could be a research group/program/school worth applying to!

The previous/related work can help you find more related work

Future Work section includes future research that could be your own

Glad to hear you want to go back to school and wishing you a happy, healthy, and insightful future!

saurav posted 3 years ago
Thanks man.
Chris Hawking posted 2 years ago
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darel aranovski posted 2 years ago
I think you have to do the research yourself and ideas will come.
In writing, the most difficult task is always creating an original idea. But a little better way to start is to try to borrow ideas from another article and or essay on your topic, and if you put your hand, the text will not look like the original and will be yours. When I started writing, I applied for the best references in they helped me find a suitable article with which I did my work.
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