sharmin posted 7 months ago
How do i publish research paper on Q1 journals?
I am doing my postgraduate in engineering. What is the process of publication of my paper on Q1 journals? How long it will take to publish?

researcherbook posted 7 months ago
Well, Publishing a Q1 paper is time-consuming. You have to be patient enough.

If you want the paper reputably published, e.g. with peer reviews, then it's going to take a minimum of ~ 1/2 year. You submit your paper before a review deadline. The papers are reviewed over the course of a few months. If your paper is accepted, you make some recommended corrections and re-submit. A few months later the conference happens and your paper is published in the proceedings.

If you want to be published in journal articles or as a book chapter, the wait is typically longer, often years.
saurav posted 7 months ago
You can check this one also-
sharmin posted 7 months ago
Thanks for your help.
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