Explain about the topic effectivness of spot guidance technique in learning accountancy at plus one level

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Am doing research on this topic. Plz can u explain about this.

Thank you.

This research investigates the effect of the conventional method of teaching vis-à-vis the effect of an alternative method of teaching on students’ performance in financial accounting. Two groups, the experimental group and control groups of students were subjected to different treatments and various test. Both groups were also subjected to pretest and posttest using the same instruments. The population of this study comprised of all +1 students studying financial accounting in selected schools in Dharapuram. Findings of study indicated a difference in pretest and posttest mean performance scores of students in control and experimental groups; and mean performance score of students taught with guided discovery method and those taught with conventional method in financial accounting achievement posttest scores. The study also revealed no difference in the mean performance scores of male and female students taught with guided discovery and conventional method of teaching respectively.

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