Bradshaw posted 2 years ago
How do i prepare for a conference outside my country?
I am going to attend a conference outside of my country. Need some tips to get the most out of it?

saurav posted 2 years ago
Attending a conference is not so easy but you will learn new things from experts. You should figure out what you want to get out of the event. Is the goal of the event to build networking with new people or trying to learn from the speakers for your professional growth? Are you looking to set up a partnership of some sort for your company?

1. Be clear about your goal and be prepared for it properly.
2. It's likely that English will be the most commonly used language in the conference but learning a little local language can be useful for non-English speaking countries.
3. Research maps to have at least a basic understanding of the layout of the city you'll be staying in and it's transportation system before you arrive.
4. Explore the new city. One of the great pleasures of conferences isn't just the academic knowledge and contacts you gain, but the chance to see and explore a new place and people.
5. Get your meetings scheduled before you arrive. Don't get lost among the booths and know who you're talking with to keep your focus.
6. Never hit the exhibit floor without a plan. You can schedule some time to find new vendors/technology for your company if you want so. Because it's a great opportunity to get a new job, partnership and building networking with new people.
7. You should have a short packing list for an emergency. Extra pens to carry with you, books to get signed by notable speakers, a power strip and an extra charger for backup.
8. Connect through pre-event social before you go to conferences to connect with people on social media using the event hashtag.
9. Sleep properly. Try to go to bed at a normal time, otherwise, it’s a little harder to fall asleep in a hotel room.
10. Manage your diet. Just like sleep, diet is easy to lose track of when you travel. Travel messes up your routines. But sleep and diet can all have a major effect on your mood and energy.
11. Try to stay at the conference hotel. The conference hotel is where most conference attendees will be staying. Staying in the conference hotel gives you more opportunities to network with attendees.
12. Get there ten minutes early and sit in the front row.

Best of luck with your conference.
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