researcherbook posted 7 months ago
How to be a good researcher?
If you want to be a good researcher, here are some tips and tricks for you to follow-

1. Be curious … look for ideas and insights to come from both common and uncommon places.

2. Be observant … pay attention to what occurs during your investigations. Note both what occurs and what does not occur.

3. Be thorough … keep looking when it comes to prior work. Test the boundaries of your current work. Ask the question often: “What else?”

4. Be imaginative … what other things might be relevant? Look for connections outside the normal ones.

5. Be innovative … What novel approaches might you use?

6. Document well … What adds value to the work you do is what you record and capture. Review these notes regularly to see if you missed something.

7. Be detailed … Sometimes it is the littlest things that can make the biggest difference. Your skills as an observer will come into play here.

8. Be networked … Who else is doing similar work? What have they been finding? What are those in adjacent spaces discovering?

9. Be a voracious reader … Keeping up in your field is important. Look for connections. Also, explore unrelated fields to see what additional thoughts these sparks.

10. Connect the dots … What kind of linkages can you uncover? What was initially not obvious and now a connection looks plausible.

11. Recognize patterns and trends … this can help uncover elements that might not have been evident early on.

12. View failure as your friend … getting it right on the first try is often not possible. What can you learn from attempts that were unsuccessful?

13. Be persistent … Research is a journey with ups and downs. Having the ability to continue through the barriers and obstacles along the way will help you stay the course.

farhanaub posted 7 months ago
Thanks for sharing nice tips.
tisuchi posted 7 months ago
This list sounds helpful. Thanks man 👍
Professor Shonku posted 6 months ago
Nice tips.
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