Tips for Reference Management

PUBLISHED 1 year ago BY sharmin ON Tips and Tricks

If you are a researcher or student struggling to format a bibliography or reformatting each citation, then reference management software might be the answer for all your problems with references. A reference manager is not only your digital filing cabinet but also your bibliography creator.

RMs are software packages designed for scholars and authors to build local libraries that they can then use to organize, sort, and reference when writing. RMs can typically be “plugged in” directly to the researcher’s word processing software or web browsers. By inserting code associated with a given reference, such RMs will automatically create bibliographies formatted to a journal or style manual’s specific requirements.Citations can be inserted manually (as in the “Citations & Bibliography” management software that comes standard with any Microsoft Word© package), or they can be culled from any of the vast online resources based on manual searches given any number of search criteria.

Three are many reference management software available online.You might need to test some first to find out what you like and what you need. That’s why I’m starting with some of these fabulous and free ones:

  1. Mendeley

2. ReadCube

3. Zotero

4. EndNote

5. Papers

6. RefWorks

Since what I need in a reference manager might be very different from what you need, I’ll leave it to you to play around and find what works best for you. Best of luck with your search!

Do you have a favorite reference management program? What features do you like most about it? Share it with us, so that we may learn from your wisdom.