Inferential Statistics for Psychology Studies

Psychology is a science, which means that in order to understand people's thoughts and behaviors, a basic understanding of statistics is necessary. Most psychology studies use inferential statistics. This lesson covers basic types of inferential statistics, as well as how to decide whether a hypothesis was supported by the results.
Inferential Statistics
Imagine a teacher is interested in studying several aspects of her class, such as the personality of her students, whether boys are different from girls or whether different teaching styles lead to different results in her students. In order to understand any of these aspects of the children in her class, the teacher must understand some basic statistics so that she can quantify her understanding, or, in other words, put it into numerical form. In another lesson for Educational Psychology, you can learn about ideas such as the mean, median and mode to describe people, or how a standard bell curve works. This lesson focuses on a slightly different type of statistic, called inferential statistics.

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