Top 12 Reasons to Use Turnitin

As I have used through my years teaching in high schools, universities, and graduate schools, I have come to rely upon it with obsession. Here are those lessons in a succinct list.

  1. Less germs to come in contact with: Using Turnitin for students’ submissions of writing keeps me away from those heavy, bulky, pieces of paper covered in germs. I rarely succumb to bugs anymore!
  2. More consistent and truthful evaluation: I am held accountable by the rubrics provided in Turnitin to evaluate each piece according to the criteria I have communicated to my students. As provides a rubric for grading, I must attend to each criterion in the same manner.
  3. Electronic briefcase: Regardless of where I am, if I choose, I can evaluate with my iPad, laptop, or desktop. This gives me freedom to do my job whenever I wish and I am not tied to a stack of papers.
  4. libraries: I now have substantial collections of rubrics, assignments, frequently used comments, and data from several years. I don’t have to recreate the proverbial wheel, in terms of setting up assignments and grading. 
  5. Ease of use: Both the interfaces of the online version and the iPad versions allow me to quickly and easily evaluate my students’ writing with significant feedback and valid criteria based on Common Core rubrics and my own constructed rubrics.


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