2020 International Symposium on Education and Social Sciences (ISESS)

Welcome to International Symposium on Education and Social Sciences (ISESS 2020), taking place on the 17th -19th in November, 2020 in Kyoto, Japan. The aim of the conference is to bring together all the professionals and academicians in this field of education and social sciences. The conference serves the purpose of promoting a tight link between theory and practice and explores different perspectives on the application of research findings into practice.

The ISESS organizing committee is now calling for abstracts and full papers and would welcome the submission that falls within any of the areas listed below:

- Education 2020: The Future of Teaching and Learning
- Business & Management
- Communication
- Economics & Finance
- Humanities & Culture Studies
- Law
- Psychology

Our Website: http://isess-conf.org/
Email: [email protected]

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