5th International Forum for Management, Humanities, & Sustainability Research - 5th MHS:22

Share knowledge across the international boundaries through our forum. Selected papers will be published in Scopus journals.

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4th International Conference On Dynamics of Social Sciences, Marketing Management Business Economics & Environmental Sustainability (DSSM-Dec-2022)
03 December 2022 Hong Kong

4th International Conference on Current Research in Business, Management and Information Technology (CRBMT-NOV-2022)
05 November 2022 Hong Kong

4th International Conference on Emerging Research Directions in Entrepreneurship Social Sciences, Humanities, Business & Management
01 October 2022 Hong Kong

3rd International Conference on Research Approaches in Social Sciences Business Management, Economics & Life Sciences (RBEL-Sep-2022)
03 September 2022 Hong Kong

4th International Conference on Vital Issues & Practices in Marketing, Business Research & Social Sciences
16 October 2022 United Arab Emirates

2nd International Academic Research Conference on Business, Economics & Social Sciences (RBES-Oct-2022)
22 October 2022 Italy

2nd International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Business, Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities (CBSH-OCT-2022)
22 October 2022 Hungary

3rd International Conference on Globalization Issues in Business, Management, Marketing & Social Sciences (GBMS-OCT-2022)
01 October 2022 France

2nd International Conference on Social Science, Humanities, Arts & Education (SHAE-Sep-2022)
24 September 2022 Italy

5th International Conference on Recent Innovations in Business, Economics and Social Sciences (RIBES-DEC-2022)
31 December 2022 Philippines

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