Global Strategy Conference 2023

Global Strategy Conference 2023
“Securitized World Order and New Security Spaces”
22 – 24 March 2023 | Budapest, Hungary


This is an era in which the existing international order, established just after the bipolarity of the Cold War, is tested by unforeseen risks and threats as well as protracted crises and conflicts that cause great losses. The order strains its capacity in these conditions. In these circumstances, it is essential to consider how this order would evolve and what kinds of roles that states should shoulder to maintain stability, security and prosperity within their own new/renewed unique place.

States have become more aware of the value of the priority area of ​​national interest in determining their position. Securing national interests in an uncertain world means helping to create a framework for the international system that can provide useful solutions to the challenges of articulating and protecting the self-worth of people in different parts of the world through the transformation of conventional policies and conventional approaches.

In this order, in which national actors and processes and international dynamics are evaluated together, international policies and actions in line with these policies are also built on this plane. Thus, an infrastructure that will help both make sense of the present and shape the near future is envisaged by re-evaluating the traditional security elements in classical international relations.

Attaining national interests against the backdrop of transboundary challenges require multilateral efforts. In an increasingly interconnected world, tackling various hybrid challenges in a unilateral fashion is self-defeating. Nevertheless, the international system also suffers from rising populism and isolationism, as well lack of faith in intergovernmental organizations. Materializing a more sustainable international order requires a re-evaluation of past mistakes and creation of new regional and global security spaces. Projects and frameworks are needed to rebuild trust and reinvigorate collaboration for mutually satisfying results. Also, it is important to provide outputs for the perception, evaluation and direction of these processes in different layers, with discussions to be held in an open-minded academic environment.

In this vein, the annual Global Strategy Conference series aspires to set the stage for scholarly discussions with a policy-oriented outlook. Accordingly, the first Global Strategy Conference will be held on the 22-24 March 2023 in Budapest/Hungary, to be hosted by the Center for Diplomatic Affairs and Political Studies (DIPAM) and the Hungarian National University of Public Service. The 2023 theme has been determined as “Securitized World Order and New Security Spaces”, with the participation of experts from different fields, the transforming shapes and conditions of many factors of the security phenomenon and its global effects will be discussed in a rich perspective and in a deep analysis environment. The Global Strategy Conference aims to contribute to the international order by providing this environment.

Main Theme:

“Securitized World Order and New Security Spaces”


The Position of the State in the Changing World
The Future of Regionalism and Effects to the regions
Democracy and The Freedom-Security Dilemma
Diplomacy and Negotiation: Impacts on Resolutions of Current Conflicts
The Growing Tide of Populism
Clashes in Crisis Periods: Authoritarianism vs. Liberalism
Digital In/Security and New Actors in the Information Age
Can Socio-Economic Structure be a Weapon?
Nexus Between High and Low Politics: Environment and Resource Wars
Energy Politics in a Post-Carbon World
New Trends in Terrorism and Counter-terrorism
Migrations with the Transformation of Demographics and the Impact of Social Maladjustment on Security
Reinterpretation of “Security” as a Concept and New Security Issues
Growing Gap between the Western and the Eastern Perspectives
Evolution of Grand Strategies
The Future of International/Supra-national Institutions: The UN and the EU
NATO: Changing and Ongoing Threats and Solutions
Organization of Turkic States as a New Actor in Eurasia
Türkiye’s Role in International Politics and Security Strategies
Hungary’s Role in International Politics and Security Strategies
Presentations on relevant themes are also welcome.

Global Strategy Conference aims at creating a platform for academicians and researchers as well as practitioners from the civil society, private sector, policy making circles and the media to share and discuss their respective work.

Presentations at the conference will be based on invitation or abstract submission. All presentations will be in-person and conducted in English; no virtual sessions will be held.

Full paper submissions will be peer-reviewed based on originality, research depth, accuracy and relevance to conference theme and topics. Full papers selected by the Scientific Committee and determined as impeccable will be published in an edited book.

Submission of the abstracts, participation to the Conference and publishing of the abstract booklet and the edited book will be free-of-charge. Individual expenses (flights, transfers, accommodations, daily requirements etc.) will be the responsibility of the participants

It is very important for the applicants to consider the following important dates.

Abstracts Submission Deadline: 30 December 2022
Announcement of the Accepted Abstracts: 13 January 2023
Full Paper Submission: 24 February 2023
Announcement of the Conference Program: 10 March 2023
Conference Date: 22-24 March 2023
Revised Full Paper (Publication-ready) Submission: 07 April 2023

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