"Global Crisis. Our Survival Is In Unity" Open International Online Forum

Our planet and our lives are in great danger. Everyone feels that more and more events are taking place on the planet that threaten our lives. Why is this happening, what is behind it, and how can we stop the plunge into the abyss? In order to discuss these questions and find solutions, volunteers from 180 countries came together and organized a broadcast in 150 languages with simultaneous interpretation.

The honorable speakers at the Forum are people from all countries, scientists and celebrities, including Ichak Adizes, John Perkins, Foster Gamble, Robert Kennedy, Edgar Brandt, Alisher Mukhamedov and many others.

The main topics of the Forum:
• When will the Earth's core explode and what can be done now to avoid it
• What is causing the energy, social and economic crisis?
• How to become a civilization and live without threats to life, crises, wars and famine.

We look forward to every new volunteer participant. Join us, only together can we survive!

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