4th International Research Conference on Entrepreneurship and Business Challenges (IRCEBC-JUNE-2023)

The Research Publication and Innovation Centre, Philippines (RPICP) delivers flawlessly executed conferences – as you’d expect of a top-level professional conference organizer. we bring you an outstanding team of people who make the experience a pleasure. During the Philippines conferences from diverse backgrounds ask tough questions, learn from each other, and engage in dynamic discussions of the most important issues today. We provide a comprehensive conference management service, from vision setting and concept development to ensuring every last detail is perfect on the day.
Beyond the conference, members have the unique opportunity to participate in the Centre events and discussion forums, which they will leave with an expanded network and concrete ideas of how to tackle today’s cutting-edge challenges. By building a community of aspiring and established leaders in the Philippines, the center aims to become a moving force in bettering transatlantic relations.

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