International Conference on Business Management, Politics, Social Innovation Economics & Humanities (MPSE-April-2019)


Within a few days (3-4 days) of receiving your proposal/abstract or full paper we will email to you a notification of acceptance or rejection. If your paper is accepted, additional conference and registration-specific information will be included.
All accepted papers/abstracts are double -blind peer reviewed and will be published in our online conference proceedings.


Raise your profile by presenting at RPICP.
Publication in one of the conference associated journals.
Network with other researchers for possible future collaborations.
Showcase your research and develop research ideas through discussion and feedback from experienced colleagues.
Connect with researchers and explore opportunities within and beyond your areas of specific research interest through discussion sessions and a variety of other events.
Learn about key issues in the industry as a professional.
Meet people and organizations addressing the same key issues.
Learn about job, internship, project, and other work-based possibilities.
Establish partnerships with colleagues who address key common issues/concerns.
Become familiar with the city and/or culture where the conference is held.