3rd International Conference Business, Tourism and Technology (ICBTT, 2019)

This conference is provide a platform for the intellectuals from various fields and disciplines in Business, Tourism and Technology to debate and discuss the current issues worldwide as well as finding solutions to the problems,

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LISD International Research Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) 2020 06 April 2020 United Kingdom

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International Conference on Research Approaches in Social Sciences, Strategic Business Management and Humanities (RSBMH-JUNE-2020)
13 June 2020 France

International Conference on Innovation Issues in Economics, Business and Social Sciences (IEBS-MAY-2020)
21 May 2020 Italy

International Conference on Innovational Challenges in Economics, Business and Applied Psychology (CEBAP-MAY-2020)
09 May 2020 France

International Academic Conference on Systems and Strategies in Economics, Management & Humanities (SEMH-2020)
18 April 2020 Hungary

International Conference on Trends in Communication, Leadership, Business, Social Sciences and Humanities (TLBS-APRIL-2020)
04 April 2020 France

International Conference on Digital Approaches and their Impact on Business, Social Sciences & Humanities (DIBS-MARCH-2020)
19 March 2020 Italy

International Symposium on Sustainable Future Research in Humanities, Management & Social Sciences (SRMS-2020)
14 March 2020 Hungary

International Conference on Modern Research Approaches in Economics, Business Management & Social Sciences (MRAE-MAR-2020)
07 March 2020 France

International Conference on Performance Indicators of Business, Management, Leadership and Social Sciences (PMLS-FEB-2020)
19 February 2020 Italy

International Scientific Conference on Global Challenges of Social Sciences, Humanities and Management Practices in Business (SHMP-JAN-2020)
22 January 2020 Italy

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