The CALA 2020 - The Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology

The CALA 2020, February 2020, Sarawak, Malaysia, follows the success of The CALA 2019, in Cambodia, thus extending work on Asian Linguistic Anthropology, and Asian Language and Society.

Themed "Asian Text, Global Context", The CALA 2020 will represent over 300 years of East-West global interaction, communication, and transnationalism. Throughout, symbolisms of Asian ‘texts’ have been significantly emphasized, (re)interpreted, contested, and distorted, while employed for cultural and political purpose. Asian texts have become highly representational, authenticating, and legitimizing sociopolitical and cultural devices, and their potency should not be underestimated. Never have these texts shown more significance than in the present, as their intensified use, and their qualities in Asian identities long contested, seek this Linguistic Anthropological exploration.

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