Talend Data Integration Basics to advanced - Simpliv

About this Course
Exporting Metadata as context

Chapter 1

Data integration and Talend Studio
Data analytics
Operational integration
Execution monitoring 2
Chapter 2

Getting started with Talend Studio
Important concepts in Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
Launching Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
How to launch the Studio for the first time
How to set up a project
Working with different workspace directories
How to create a new workspace directory
Working with projects
How to create a project
How to import the demo project
How to import projects
How to open a project
How to delete a project
How to export a project
Migration tasks
Setting Talend Open Studio for Data Integration preferences
Java Interpreter path
External or User components
Exchange preferences
Language preferences
Debug and Job execution preferences
Designer preferences
Adding code by default
Performance preferences
Documentation preferences
Displaying special characters for schema columns
SQL Builder preferences
Schema preferences
Libraries preferences
Type conversion
Usage Data Collector preferences

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