Salesforce Administration course - Simpliv

About this Course
After learning this course you should be able to clear the interview and start working on Salesforce Platform as an Administrator. All the sessions are practical.

Who is the target audience?

This is the course for everyone who want to start with Salesforce. Example -

Salesforce Administrator
Salesforce Developer (Salesforce Administration understanding is must for the Developer)
End Users who uses the application in production.
QA/Testing people who are having opprotunity to test Salesforce Applications.
Salesforce Consultants
Basic knowledge
Salesforce is a cloud based Platform hence only needs a computer with Internet connection
What you will learn
Deep understanding on all the concepts to start with Salesforce
Practical examples by configuring step by step for the each topic
Discussing about the interview questions
After the course completion you will be in a position to crack the interview
After getting the job you will be in a position to work on Administration

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