HIPAA and Having a Compliant Front Office


The problem with HIPAA compliance is that it permeates so many aspects of your practice. Here are a few more examples of areas that could be HIPAA time bombs unless you take action immediately:

Social Media
Patient Information Access
Patient reminder calls
Release of Information (to both patients and other providers)
Family Member Request for Information
Prescription Pick-up
Charging patients to make copies
Addressing patients by name
Putting Charts Outside Exam Rooms
Fax Requests
Waiting Room Breaches Etc.

No doubt about it, HIPAA is complicated. It is a massive government document, and is anything but user friendly. But in only 60 minutes, you can get everything you need to protect your practice from the most common front-desk HIPAA violations. Don't waste another minute. Protect your dental practice and sign up for this must-attend training today.

Why should you Attend: In only 60-minutes, you'll receive the specific actions necessary to protect you from the most common front desk HIPAA violations - and if you don't think your office has any, think again. Rhonda's session will help you ensure your front-desk staff are trained to identify violations before they get you in trouble, and successfully handle even the most challenging patient complaint.

HIPAA compliance makes your front-desk staff more important than ever. How they handle their everyday duties and interact with your patients can not only cause you to get audited, but it can also be the source of hefty penalties and fines that you are left to pay. Accordingly, to avoid a HIPAA audit, the way your front desk has always done things may not work any longer.

Areas Covered in the Session:
Finally understand routine vs non-routine disclosures and never violate this HIPAA standard again
Halt sticky notes from landing you in legal hot water
Dodge discarded patient information violations - even the smallest piece of paper matters
Stop patient HIPAA complaints in their tracks with proven protocol
Incorporate email signatures that protect everyone in your office
Protect customer info on your computer screen with simple to follow policy
Modify your check-in process quickly and inexpensively
And so much more