Creating a Drama Free Workplace

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Learn to deal with aggression, passive-aggression, gossip, conflict, victims and all forms of drama.

Do you feeling Frustrated? Overwhelmed? -with the constant Drama in your workplace. Discouraged that you can't avoid it and don't know how to make it stop?

Drama takes many forms:

incessant gossip -its divisive and unproductive AND you wonder what they're saying behind your back
personality conflicts that create constant tension and bickering
people who are aggressive
people who are passive
people who are passive-aggressive (these are maybe the hardest to deal with)
meetings that are supposed to be collaborative are dominated by a few individuals
people feeling stressed and overworked
Why should you Attend
You end up feeling Irritated, Confused and sometimes even Helpless to do anything about it.

Imagine going to work and not having to deal with all this Drama!
It is possible.

The Drama Free Workplaces webinar will give you the understanding, skills, tips, techniques and tools to deal with the drama, conflict, stress, gossip, and aggression while maintaining your own sense of calm and peacefulness.

Think about it:

How much more work you'll get done?
How much calmer you will be, and with more energy you'll have at the end of the day?
How much more you'll enjoy your job and going to work?
Areas Covered in the Session
A 5-step process to eliminate unproductive drama from your world
Strategies to redirect drama
Specific skills to address aggression, passivity and passive-aggressive words or actions
A model to recognize the 3 roles people play to create drama and how to deal with each of those roles
How to recognize even the subtlest forms of drama and how to nip them before they escalate
How to elegantly decline invitations to participate in drama
Who Will Benefit
Leaders who want to create a Drama Free Workplace - enjoy more productivity, creativity, collaboration from your team
Anyone who has ever felt exhausted and overwhelmed by being immersed in a drama-filled environment and wants a more peaceful, calm, collegial and productive workplace
Anyone who feels attacked, put-down, or diminished by a co-worker
Anyone faced with personality conflicts that leave you feeling frustrated and discouraged
Speaker Profile
Michael Healey Since 1987 he has been consulting with businesses and organizations that understand the value of developing organizational culture and their people as a foundation for continual improvement and enhancing organizational capacity.

From large multi-national to entrepreneurial organizations, government and NGO's, and across the spectrum of executive, senior managers, supervisors and staff

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