Do's & Don'ts of Documenting Employee Performance, Behavior and Discipline

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Documenting employee behavior and performance is critical because memories aren't perfect. Lack or absence of solid documentation is the single most common mistake employers make when handling discipline or terminations. What if you need to justify an employment decision or termination long after it occurs?

Not properly documenting can hurt you in unemployment compensation disputes, workers' compensation cases, and other legal matters. Good records, on the other hand, can mean the difference between winning and losing a lawsuit.

Why should you Attend
Attend this HR good documentation practice webinar to maximize the effectiveness of your performance review process by understanding which performance events to document, how to document performance, best practices of preparation and maintenance of documentation.

You will also learn various types of performance documentation, terminologies to use, how to provide effective performance feedback, how to handle employee rebuttals etc.

Areas Covered in the Session
Why, What, When and How to document performance
Analyzing discipline problems
Various types of performance documentation
Creating bulletproof documentation
Subjective vs. Objective terminology in performance documentation
Pitfalls to avoid when assessing performance
Providing effective performance feedback
Handling employee rebuttals
Documentation best practices and guidelines
Employee documentation's role in investigations and lawsuits
The formal appraisal process
Conducting investigations
Who Will Benefit
HR Professionals
Talent Development Professionals
Business Owners
Team Leaders
Project Managers
Speaker Profile
Diane L. Dee, President of Advantage HR Consulting LLC, has over 25 years of experience in the Human Resources arena. Diane's background includes experience in HR consulting and administration in corporate, government, consulting and pro bono environments. Diane found Advantage HR Consulting in early 2016.

Under Diane's leadership, Advantage HR provides comprehensive, cost-effective Human Resources solutions for small to mid-sized firms in the greater Chicagoland area. Additionally, Diane conducts webinars on a wide-variety of HR topics for training firms across the country. Diane holds a Master Certificate in Human Resources from Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations and has attained SPHR, SHR-SCP, sHRBP and HRPM certification.

Diane is a member of the National association of Women Business Owners and the Society for Human Resource Management. Additionally, Diane performs pro bono work through the Taproot Foundation assisting non-profit clients by integrating their Human Resources goals with their corporate strategies.

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