Creating an Irresistible Culture - Engagement versus Entitlement

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Many leaders struggle to understand that happiness doesn't equal engagement. Just because an employee is happy because they are provided what they ask for, doesn't mean they are engaged.

Entitlement and accountability are two-way streets between leaders and employees and creating an irresistible culture helps easily align which street your team is taking.

Accountability starts with leaders, and entitlement does too, but it doesn't end with leaders and there are daily techniques to ensure team members are stepping into engagement when the door is opened for them.

A highly engaged culture is also a culture that has accountability scoped for employees so they can easily hold themselves accountable and choose to. Which one are you building in the workplace for your team, an accountable or entitled culture? If you want to learn steps to creating the culture we often sit back and dream of, this webinar will provide the application tools needed to do so.

Why should you Attend
Employee Engagement in the workplace continues to be a hot topic because many organizations understand the value of having an organization that employees want to be in, engage in, and thrive in. Creating an Irresistible Culture provides the formula for turning hope into reality in the workplace. Employees want time and consistency.

The time piece, involves, as leaders, ensuring we make time for our employees in face to face instances. Employees appreciate face time with their leader, when they know their leader cares. However, leaders often get so caught up in pursuing the business results of our organization, they overlook the people and forget the fact that they are the ones achieving the needed business results.

The consistency piece is how we approach connection methods with our team in areas like the following and build them into our leadership processes. Learn how to bring both into every day actions in your work environment

Areas Covered in the Session
Discuss the difference between engagement surveys and developing engagement every day
Develop a process for focusing on engagement as part of a performance management process
Choose an approach for developing accountability with engagement on their teams
Sketch out ideas to incorporate engagement growth at the personal, workgroup, team, and department levels
Prepare for use of the 4 C's to creating an enrichment versus entitled culture
Who Will Benefit
Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO)
HR Vice Presidents
HR Directors
Organizational leaders at levels
Hiring Managers
HR Specialists
HR Generalists
Learning & Development Professionals
Organizational Development Professionals
Organizational Excellence Professionals
Talent Development Professionals
Speaker Profile
Jared Narlock's way is to help others grow and development and inspire others to take action to live their why. He was most recently a Vice President of Talent Development and is currently a professional trainer and consultant specializing in management, leadership, communication, engagement and team development; as well as services related to Everything DiSC, other talent development tools and learning management systems.

Jared has more than 15 years of experience in adult, corporate and continuing education. His background encompasses all aspects of training, including design, development, and delivery of various types of programs, including management, leadership, communication, team building, and all items related to Organizational Development. He is an ICF certified coach, former Tedx speaker and among other certifications, he is Everything DiSC certified. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force and volunteers training services to the community and non-profit organizations he partners with.

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