Management: Strategic Methods to Manage Relationships

Of course, we all have customers and we know we need to maintain a good relationship with them. But how do we do that? Yes, software systems are useful tools, which help us track the details. Our strategy for staying connected with customers is much more important.

Each customer is unique. How do they want to be contacted? What are their needs? What affects their business today? Have their needs changed since we worked with them initially? What results did they get from working with us? Do they need additional products or services? The questions mount up, and that's the key to managing these vital relationships. Learn to think more strategically about sustaining long-term healthy relationships and grow your business with every interaction.

Why should you Attend
Think more about strategic approaches than tactics
Work with your customer's personality
Apply Dr. Kano's unique approach to your customers
It's all about them; a branding expert's advice
Discover what the customer really wants
Don't rely on software; rely on conversation
Areas Covered in the Session
What are your experiences with managing customer relationships? What's worked? What's fallen short?
What are the fundamentals of understanding personality you can use to communicate more effectively with your customers?
What can we learn from Dr. Kano's study of a camera company to enhance our ability to dig out customers hidden needs, wants, and unexpressed desires? How do we construct practical probing questions?
What can everyone learn from a branding expert's mantra: It's all about them? How do we apply this practical approach strategically?
How do I construct a strategic approach to internal and/or external customer relationships that grow my business? If I use customer management software, how can I increase its usefulness? How do I deploy a more strategic plan to work with customers?
Who Will Benefit
Customer Relationship Managers
Sales People
Marketing Specialists
Small Business Owners
Business Analysts
Anyone with an Internal Customer
Speaker Profile
Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D., president of Advantage Leadership, Inc. has managed projects as diverse as development of artificial organs, Section 8 Housing computerization, alternative high school establishment, and evaluation of special education programs for the state.

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