Overview of Construction Claims & Disputes

In this webinar expert speaker’s James Zack will help you to identify several types of owner claims against contractors and the elements of the burden of proof required of all claimants. The basic requirements concerning damages are covered. The webinar will conclude with an outline of various dispute resolution methodologies.

Why should you Attend
This webinar will help attendees to understand the burden of proof requirement all claimants (both owners and contractors) must meet and recognize that all parties to a construction contract must anticipate changes and claims. This webinar will give attendees a brief discussion of claims under various project delivery methods and a summary of an accepted claims preparation and analysis methodology.

Areas Covered in the Session
Discuss the "universe of construction claims"
Demonstrate how the basic three part test of a claim (entitlement, causation and damages) applies to each type of claim.
Educate attendees on how to prepare and present or analyze and settle or defend against construction claims.
How to deal with construction claims situations and events.
The downside risk of leaving claims and disputes to fester until the end of a project.
The fundamentals of contracts and claims.
Who Will Benefit
Owners of Capital improvement Projects
Construction Managers and Design Professionals involved in the Construction process
Contractor Executives
Project Managers
Project Sponsors
Project Control personnel involved in preparing and submitting Construction Claims
Speaker Profile
James G. Zack, CFCC, CCM, FAACE, FGPC, FRICS, PMP Senior Advisor, Ankura Construction Forum™ - the construction industry's global resource for thought leadership and best practices on avoidance and resolution of construction project disputes globally. Formerly, Jim was the founder and Executive Director of the Navigant Construction Forum™.

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